Consultation and Training


We offer training and consultation services for both public and private agencies on risk assessment, evaluation of sexual and violent offenders, current research on sex offense recidivism and the effectiveness of treatment for sex offenders, cyber-sex behaviors and internet sex crimes, the supervision and containment of offenders, and professional program development and program audits.

We have provided clinical consultation, training, or invited presentations to several agencies including:


    United States Probation Services

    United States Attorney's Office

    National Advocacy Center

    The ALLY Foundation

    The SafeNowProject

    Colorado Department of Youth Corrections

    20th Judicial District Probation, Boulder, Colorado

    1st Judicial District Probation, Jefferson County, Colorado

    2nd Judicial District Probation, Denver, Colorado

    17th Judicial District Probation, Adams County, Colorado

    Adams County, Colorado, Department of Social Services

    Gilpin County, Colorado, Department of Human Services

    Routt County, Colorado, Department of Human Services

    Lost and Found, Inc.

    Sex Offense Resource Services

    Teaching Humane Existence

    Colorado State Public Defender’s Office

    Denver County Department of Human Services

    Colorado Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers

    Colorado Sex Offender Management Board

    Colorado Bar Association

    Colorado Department of Justice

    Colorado District Attorney's Council

    Nevada Advisory Council for Prosecuting Attorneys


Dr. Brake was a featured panelist for a community town hall meeting for sex offender management held in Denver Colorado, in October 2002.  The program was subsequently aired on public affairs television. He was also featured on a public affairs television broadcast, Dialogue Denver D.A., with former Denver District Attorney and Colorado Governor Bill Ritter which initially aired in 2003. 


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