A company which provides innovative and expert resources for criminal justice and social service agencies.  KBSolutions is a leader in providing training on sex offense dynamics and cyber-sex crime analyses.  They have collaborated with Stephen Brake Associates in developing the SSOTR and tools for assessing internet sex crimes.


    Colorado Sex Offender Management Board

    The SOMB established the Standards and Guidelines which guide sex offender treatment and evaluation services in Colorado.  Their website provides a listing of treatment providers in the state as well as links to laws governing sex offender management and valuable research about sex offender recidivism and supervision.


         Colorado Department of Criminal Justice, Division of Research at Statistics

    The Colorado DCJ provides further information about sex offense research through the Division of Research and Statistics website.


    Abel Screening Incorporated

    Abel Screening developed the Abel Assessment for Sexual Interests and other sexual assessments.  Their website provides information for consumers about their products.


    Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA)

    ATSA is an international and multi-disciplinary organization dedicated to preventing sexual abuse. Their website provides information about the function and philosophy of the organization, local chapters, and the annual convention.  Links to research are also provided.


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